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A Hockey Obsession

I was reflecting on the ride home from practice last night how hockey is really all-consuming. More so than any other sport I’ve ever participated in. I’m not sure why – the cost is high, but it can be for other sports. The time commitment is huge, but I don’t know that it is significantly more than some other activities. Maybe it is because my interest in the sport extends well beyond my son’s team and his development as a player. For example, I  have found myself so much more immersed in the NHL since we embarked on our hockey journey. I know the teams, the players (even the player’s numbers), and even some random hockey trivia and statistics (although I still do not come close to what the male brain seems to be able to absorb and spit back out at a moment’s notice).

You’d think that after spending so much time at ice rinks watching hockey that I’d be tired of it and want to focus on anything but hockey. But that is where the consuming nature of hockey kicks in – I find that what I want is MORE hockey. I’d rather watch a hockey game than follow any TV show on a regular basis. That includes Downton Abbey, a apparent obsession for many of my friends and acquaintances (I’m almost ashamed to admit that I just realized it wasn’t “Downtown Abbey” the other day).

I do admit to being a bit conflicted, however, as the NHL lockout ends. I am thrilled to have hockey back and can’t wait to see the Capitals back on the ice. But I closely followed news during the lockout and I am a bit peeved at everyone involved. More at the owners than the players, but kinda at both. I’m sure I’ll watch games on TV, but not so sure I want to spend hundreds of dollars going to games as regularly as we have the past couple of seasons. We’ll see what happens, I suppose. I’m sure my son will be pushing to go to games – for him, the negotiations and money and all that is of no importance. All he cares about is that he’ll see his favorite players again. And he is overjoyed.

So, as I said at the opening of this post, hockey is all-consuming. The last time there was a lockout and an entire season was nixed, I didn’t even notice. Now, I have to somehow deal with my own hurt feelings over what has transpired the past few months. How bizarre is that? And yes, I do realize it is just a game and that there are many other very important things to focus my energy on today.

According to those in the know, that would include catching up on what I’ve missed on Downton Abbey. 


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