Zombies Don’t Climb Trees

This post can be subtitled, “And other wisdom picked up on the way to hockey practice.” We typically carpool with a teammate and I am audience to two 10-year olds for 45 minutes or so each way. Having only one child, I don’t get to experience “boy talk” too often and it is quite amusing.

Once, during an intense Pokemon game in the backseat, I kept hearing about the different powers each character had (I really don’t understand that game at all and I suspect they both are making most of it up). Anyway, it appears that Pokemon is not as innocent as it may look, seeing how they kept talking about certain characters’ “psychotic” powers. Hmmm… I want to believe they meant “psychic” but since I don’t know the game, I can’t be sure.

Another trip included a discussion about songs on the radio and led to the lament that all songs were about girls and love. Imagine that said with the tone of “girls – ick, cooties.” Yep, gonna have to get used to that, boys.

I also recently learned that you should NEVER wake up a sleepwalker. If you do his or her head will spin around. That would be bad.  I didn’t want to ask if pea soup-colored vomit was also involved.  Or priests.

The latest trip revealed a little known fact (little known to me, at least) that zombies don’t climb trees. In fact, no monster can climb trees. Were you aware of that? I was not, but not having ever researched the climbing ability of various monsters, I am not in a position to dispute that fact.

I eagerly await what else I will learn during these weekly trips. I may just end up figuring out the secret to life.

If not, I at least now know what to do when being chased by a zombie.

Zombies Invade San Francisco!

Climb the nearest tree.

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