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What a strange trip it’s been…


In his first set of pads, at age 8.

It’s been a little over two years since we began our hockey journey. When I look back, it all happened without much planning. Things just fell into place. Fate, perhaps? Certainly not anything we thought a whole lot about. My hockey experience growing up consisted of going to occasional Washington Capitals games (back when they played at the Cap Center in Maryland). I did not play and no one in my family did. We were soccer players, who dabbled in basketball, wrestling, track, football, and crew along the way. No ice involved in any of those, unless you count the icicles that would form in my hair when we had early morning practice on the water when I was on the rowing team. My husband did not play hockey either, nor did any of his family or close friends. Essentially hockey-ignorants. That was us.

Then my son, who was turning 7, wanted to have an ice skating birthday party. Not sure why – he had never really skated and had not been to any parties at an ice rink. Maybe he had a calling? Maybe in his young brain he had an inkling of things to come and knew he had to break out onto the ice somehow? Who knows, but there we were at an ice rink that I recalled from my childhood (and that still looked EXACTLY the same, all those years later).

The party itself was a disaster. A tip for parents out there considering this type of party – don’t do it unless you know that everyone invited can skate. Otherwise, you get a bunch of kids hanging on the wall and falling all over the place until they give up and just stand around. Huge bummer. But we did discover that my son was pretty much a natural skater. As much as one can be, that is.  Do we really have an innate need to balance ourselves on thin blades while going in circles on man-made ice?  Continue reading

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And what position does he play?


Shootout (Photo credit: EricMagnuson)

That is typically the question that comes after I mention that my son plays hockey. And when I tell them he is a goalie, the reaction is often surprise, occasionally tinged with pity (especially from other hockey parents) . Goalie is a high-pressure, high-visibility position that brings with it a roller coaster ride of ups and downs. I’ve heard more than once how goalies are a bit “crazy” and I’ve read how quirky and unique goalies can be. Being relatively new to the game of hockey and having a goalie in the house, I am still learning about the game and how to best parent a child who has chosen to tend goal. That is why I decided to start this blog – to share my experience and insights and seek feedback from others who may be on a similar path. I also hope to provide some information for those getting started in the fast-paced, exhilarating, exhausting world of hockey. Not being from a hockey background, so much is new to me and I haven’t always been able to find what I am looking for so I hope to fill in some gaps and learn more myself along the way. I welcome you and look forward to having some fun. We’ll see how it goes…

Hope to see you at the rink!

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A goalie mom's perspective on hockey and what happens between games


A goalie mom's perspective on hockey and what happens between games


A goalie mom's perspective on hockey and what happens between games