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Germophobes Need Not Apply

Today, we went to the Washington Capitals equipment sale, where the team sells off used equipment and even some new stuff that the team never used the season before.

In other words, heaven to a 13 year old boy who loves the idea of holding something that an NHL player wore in practice and games. He picked up a few used sticks from some favorite players. He also got a glove and blocker, worn by two different goalies, that he already cherishes. I’ll admit, it was cool.

However, what caught my attention, more than the puck marks or the size of the gear, was the fact that when we put them in the car they didn’t smell too bad. Anyone who knows hockey will not be surprised that this was my first thought. Hockey gear is notoriously smelly. Just having gear in the car, particularly on warm days, can leave a stench that takes day to dissipate.

I don’t know what they do at the professional level to keep that smell in check, but here’s my reality – my son stinks. Not all the time. Just the times when he plays hockey or lacrosse. So a lot of the time.

I know that there are gear cleaning machines out there, but they are not easy to come by and can be pricey, so I have not used one. If the result is what I smelled (or didn’t smell) in my car, maybe I’ll have to suck it up sometime.

Thankfully, I am not too freaked out by dirt and grime and germs. Because, if I was, I would not be able to walk into the sports closet we have. Ever.

The 3 most disgusting things out there?

  1. Mouthguard. If left up to my son, he’d pop that thing out of his mouth, put it in the case, throw it in the bag and not think about it again until he popped it in his mouth the next practice. Yuck.

    Imagine wrapping your face (and nose) up in this smelly thing.

    Imagine wrapping your face (and nose) up in this smelly thing.

  2. Helmet. A helpful hint: if your child plays a sport that has a helmet, do yourself a favor and don’t ever put your nose near it and sniff. Really! Repeatedly sweaty heads enclosed in plastic and foam do not smell like roses. I have no idea how he can put his head in that thing.
  3. Gloves (blocker and catcher). See #2 above, but substitute sweaty hands encased in leather for hours on end. God forbid you should wash your hands afterwards, either. Just spread that nastiness everywhere.

    How not to keep your hands clean.

    How not to keep your hands clean.

I could go beyond 3 because, in reality, it is all just nasty. But these are the worst culprits in my mind.

Would be nice to have some professional help with that gear closet. Maybe the Caps can come up with used equipment cleaning day? I’ll have to float that idea to the powers that be.

Until then, I’ll keep airing things out and spraying them down as best I can.

And, after writing this, I feel the need for a shower.

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